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Condemnors Acting Badly, Another Installment

It is a straight forward concept. If you exercise your power of eminent domain, you must, under our Federal and State Constitutions, pay just compensation. Section 101 of the Eminent Domain Procedure Law (“EDPL”) states that it is the purpose of the EDPL “to assure that just compensation shall be paid to the persons whose property rights are acquired by the exercise of the power of eminent domain.” The same provision requires payments to property owners to be expedited. The policy, set forth in section 301 requires the condemnor to… read more

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Appellate Division Second Department Renders Important Decision in Mazur Brothers

The Appellate Division, Second Department, handed down a decision on May 21, 2014, effectively ending 8 years of litigation and awarding compensation to the Claimants, Mazur Brothers Realty, LLC. Mazur Brothers Realty LLC were the fee owner of property located at 80 Lake Street and 90 Lake Street, White Plains, New York. Mazur Brothers, Inc., was the tenant at both properties and operated a well-known furniture business on the premises prior to title vesting. The property was taken in connection with a project to improve the Cross Westchester Expressway. Litigation… read more

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Trial Court Denies Condemnor’s Motion to Dismiss Part of a Trade Fixture Claim

Justice Wayne Saitta, Kings County Supreme Court, just wrote a terrific decision denying a condemnor’s motion to dismiss part of a trade fixture claim. The decision, Pack It Away Storage Systems, Inc. v New York State Urban Development Corporation, d/b/a Empire State Development Corporation, Sup Ct., Kings County, August 9, 2013, Saitta, J. Index No. 1686/12, can be found on the following hyperlink:Pack it Away Storage Systems. The decision contains important black-letter law. One example is “[w]here the land and fixtures are owned by different entities, and the owner of the fixtures has retained… read more

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Just Compensation? Not if We Can Help It

A business may be firmly rooted in a neighborhood. It might be quite successful and profitable. It could be a family enterprise which has had multi-generational owners and workers. Then comes that fateful day when the property is included in a condemnation proceeding; a forced sale which was hardly solicited. Years of goodwill go out the window, for goodwill is not compensable in New York, or most other states. Then comes the inevitable eviction to obtain vacant possession of the premises. Most established businesses will find it a challenge to… read more

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