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The Time Has Come to Stop the State’s Improper Deposit of Advance Payments

By: Jonathan Houghton Every State appropriation that we are aware of now starts with an automatic, unexplained deposit of the advance payment. This conduct is as egregious as it is pervasive. The State fails to provide any advance notice and refuses to tell the Claimant when the deposit was made or why. The Claimant first learns the “when” and the “why” when the State submits an Answer. And often times, the purported rationale is questionable. Unless a court intervenes and stops this improper conduct, the State’s automatic deposits of the… read more

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Michael Rikon Authors NYLJ Article: “More on Discovery of Prior Appraisals”

Michael Rikon recently authored an article in the New York Law Journal discussing the use of prior appraisals in eminent domain litigation proceedings. In the article, Mr. Rikon explains under Eminent Domain Procedure Law section 303, the condemning authority must authorize an advance payment based on its highest approved appraisal. However, often times at trial, the condemnor will introduce a subsequent appraisal at a lower amount, exposing the claimants  to a potential judgment if the trial court accepts the state’s appraisal as the fair market value on title vesting date…. read more

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Appellate Division Affirms Award in AAA Electricians

The Appellate Division, Second Department recently affirmed the Supreme Court’s award in Village of Haverstraw v. AAA Electricians, Inc. The condemnor appealed the judgment of the Supreme Court, Rockland County, entered May 9, 2012, which awarded the condemnee $6,500,000 as just compensation for the taking of the condemnee’s real property. The background of the case is as follows: The condemnor acquired the 18.9 acres for transfer to the Ginsberg Development Company which in turn constructed the “Harbors of Haverstraw” a townhouse development. The subject parcel was flat and level and enjoyed… read more

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The Burden of Proof in a Condemnation Case

States differ in their approach to the question of who has the burden of proof in a condemnation case, an issue discussed more thoroughly in Michael Rikon’s recent article published in the Practical Real Estate Lawyer. As Mr. Rikon explains, there are essentially three separate groups: those that have no burden of proof on the issue of damages, those that place the burden of proof on the claimant, and those that require the condemnor to prove its assay of damages. In New York, the burden of proof is on the… read more

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MO Supreme Court Upholds Constitutionality of Heritage Value Statute

The Missouri Supreme Court recently issued a decision affirming a $2.1 million payment for the taking of 15 acres of land in St. Louis County, Missouri. The land was owned by the Novel family, originally purchased by the family patriarch in 1904. Arthur and Stella Novel lived and farmed on the land until their deaths in the late 1960’s. The land, now owned by their descendants, had been vacant since 1968 until the time of the taking in February 2010. The property was acquired in order to construct a portion… read more

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