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Manalapan Farm Owner’s Condemnation Award of $4.5 Reversed as “Miscarriage of Justice”

The Asbury Park Press reported yesterday that the State Supreme Court reversed a jury award of $4.5 million to a farm owner.  According to his counsel, the Town took the property to prevent its development.  The farmer had been seeking to sell the property for housing development which the Township opposed.  The Town thought it would be a good property for the Township to own for recreational expansion.  This certainly is not a condemnation for a public purpose.  Taking property to stop its development is not a lawful taking.  A… read more

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In a recent case, the appraisal prepared by Claimant specifically set forth a complete narrative of how the damages to the property occurred together with an analysis and calculations. The appraisal further calculated the before and after results following the takings. An appraisal is not the substitute for witnesses’ testimony. Case law emphatically holds than an appraisal is not the substitute for an expert’s direct testimony. The appraisal report is not in itself evidence; its function is to enable adequate and intelligent preparations of the issues for trial and to… read more

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