The Jets Are So Bad, It’s Time to Condemn Them

Mike Lupica wrote in today’s Daily News, October 24, 2020, that “[t]he Jets are the worst team in pro football this season, and the most unwatchable.  Right now it really isn’t close.  They have the wrong coach, they seem to have the wrong general manager, they have ownership that is as incompetent as there is in professional sports.”


Mr. Lupica also notes that it has been also suggested that the City of New York use its power of eminent domain to condemn the Knicks.  Section 708 of New York’s Eminent Domain Procedure Law provides that a condemnor is authorized to acquire for a public use, title to property other than real estate.  In one instance, Nassau County exercised its power of eminent domain to condemn an historical carousel.  Nunley’s Amusement Corp. v County of Nassau, 266 AD2d 292 (2d Dept 1999).


In at least two occasions, cities have attempted to condemn sports teams to prevent their relocation.  Both the City of Baltimore and the City of Oakland attempted to take title to their NFL teams.  Both failed.


So, New York can certainly condemn the team franchise, but do we really want Bill de Blassio in the huddle?

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