Texas Bullet Train Speeds Along

We have written before about the Texas Bullet Train. (The Saga of the Texas Bullet Train, March 9, 2020). The proposed train spans a large area in Texas. It will be able to transport riders from Houston to Dallas in 90 minutes. There is strong opposition to the railroad by property owners in areas in between the cities who fear their property will lose substantial value in partial takings for the track. This is a true “consequential damage” similar to having a high voltage power line in one’s backyard. The takings will also probably cause severance damages to the remainder.

The Texas’ 13th District Court of Appeals handed down a decision in early May 2020 in favor of the railroad. The project will require extensive condemnation as the railroad only has one-third of the land needed for the project. Landowners who oppose the project argued that they will not benefit from the railway since there are no stops planned between the two cities. Hence, there is no benefit to them with the project.

Landowners intend to pursue an appeal to the State Supreme Court.

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