Remember The Alamo – Maybe Not

The battle of the Alamo was a pivotal event and military engagement in the Texas Revolution.  Following a 13-day siege, Mexican troops reclaimed the Alamo Mission killing most of the occupants.  The Texas legislature purchased that land and buildings designated the Alamo as an official Texas state shrine.

Now, the City of San Antonio wants to acquire “Moses Rose’s Hideout,” a bar to be acquired for the new Alamo museum.  Interestingly, the name is that of the purported “coward of Alamo,” who fled the besieged fortress rather than fight, according to legend.  But, Vince Cantu, the owner of the bar is going to stand his ground.

The good news for Mr. Cantu is that Texas has some of the best condemnation lawyers in the country.  I do think that the only issue in the matter will be the proper amount of just compensation.

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